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Presenter Guide

TREE: A World in Itself, is a multi-sensory, interactive universe enveloped in soft light, music, and silence, where five characters continually adapt to meet the needs of their audience. 


For children aged 4 and up 

Duration: approximately 1 hour (from arrival to departure) 


Social narrative adapted to your performance space 

We have created a social narrative in collaboration with an advisory committee. It is a visual tool that explains the outing from the audience’s place of departure to your performance space, the show itself, and the return trip from your performance space to the audience’s place of departure.  


We will need several photos to adapt our social narrative for your performance space. We will forward a list of things to photograph, and a Motus team member will contact you. 

Performance space layout 

To make our superstars comfortable, please 


  • ensure that the building and rooms are accessible for people with reduced mobility; 

  • reserve one room for the performance, and a second room for a relaxation area (these two rooms must be separated by walls and doors); 

  • ensure that rooms available to audience members do not have doors leading outside; 

  • if the rooms have doors leading outside, they must be locked. 


Adapted reception process ​


  • We will need your staff’s cooperation and availability to make sure the event goes smoothly. 


  • When you greet and direct our superstars, please limit your verbal interactions with the children, their companions, and other staff members. Communicate with gestures rather than words.  


  • If you need to communicate verbally with adult companions, please use a calm voice and gentle gestures. Be open to a variety of possibilities. 


  • The adult companions know their children very well; however, please note that it may be their first time accompanying their child to the theatre! Communication is the best way to create a positive and respectful experience for all our superstars. 

Espace de repos - ARBRE, tout un monde.jpeg

Dedicated relaxation area 


  • We will coordinate with you to provide a separate relaxation area for our audience members.


  • If a child is uncomfortable during the show and wants to leave the performance room, please gently guide the child and their companion to the relaxation area so that the child can have a break. They may return to the performance room when they are ready. 


  • One of the actors might accompany the child to the relaxation area. Please note that the child’s adult companion must accompany them outside of the performance room and remain with them at all times during the event. 


Performance space 


  • A big tree is in the middle of the performance room. The tree is surrounded by round floor cushions (“nests”).

  • There is one cushion per child with chairs placed behind it. We suggest that the child’s companion(s) sit on the chairs, but the child can choose if they want to sit on the cushion or a chair.  


  • Once the child and their companion(s) have chosen their spot, we ask that they refrain from going onto the cushions or chairs of other audience member.


  • There is an area around the tree’s trunk where different elements of the show take place. While this area is accessible to the children, we will keep certain elements hidden until the appropriate time in the story.  


  • There is an area close to the action for children with reduced mobility. Children with reduced mobility can choose to sit on a floor cushion or stay in their mobility device during the show.

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