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Each stage of this experience is unique, and every transition is critical. Please take your time during the event, especially during the transition into and out of the performance space. 

Welcoming our superstars 

  • A staff member must be stationed at the door to greet each child as they enter.


  • Our musician will be in the welcome area playing gentle, comforting music. 


  • While waiting for the show to begin, our superstars will have access to different objects to help them prepare for the show. Motus will provide these objects. 

Entering the performance space  


  • The actors will guide our superstars into the performance room. 


  • The actors will offer each child an egg-shaped lamp to bring to their seat. Our superstars can keep the lamp with them throughout the show. 

During the show 

  • The child’s adult companion must remain with their child at all times, in both the performance room and relaxation area. 


  • Our superstars are allowed to talk, sing, laugh, or even yell if it helps them enjoy the show.


  • Our superstars can move around, get up, or even leave the performance room as often as they want. They can return to the performance room when they are ready.  

  • If a child wants to leave the performance room, you can guide the child and their companion to the relaxation area. You must remain with them at the relaxation area and accompany them back to the performance room when the child is ready to return.  

  • An actor may also guide a child to the relaxation area and then return to the performance room. A staff member and the child’s companion must accompany them and remain with them in the relaxation area. You can accompany them back to the performance room when the child is ready to return.  

At the end of the show

  • The actors will accompany our superstars to the welcome area. 


  • The actors will give an origami bird beak to each superstars. 


  • The post-show transition period must be unrushed, calm, and quiet so the children can adjust to the “regular” world after being immersed in the theatrical world of the performance. 


  • Staff must stay with the children until they leave the theatre, even if Motus staff are present.  

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